Animal detection

Animal detection

Danger for vehicles on high-speed highways can be represented by animals that have entered the roadway. Timely detection of animals allows you to minimize the risk of an accident.

Solution metrics

  • 99%

    Recognition accuracy

    Accuracy measured on test videos in the daytime

  • Up to 2/day

    False positive

    Number of false positives per day per camera

  • 10 FPS


    Frames per second

  • FullHD

    Video quality

    Recommended video stream quality

Technology Description

The appearance of animals on the roadway is fraught with serious consequences. Even a small animal is able to provoke the driver into sudden maneuvers, and a large animal in a collision causes significant damage to the vehicle. In this regard, to improve safety on highways, animal detection systems are increasingly being used, which, when an animal is detected, immediately send a signal to the appropriate authorities for action.

The RoadAR video analytics system makes it possible to detect the presence of wild animals on highways. The neural networks underlying this solution make it possible to detect animals with high accuracy and a low number of false positives. In addition, such monitoring may also be of interest for city management, in particular, for solving the problem of homeless animals.

  • The system provides high accuracy of animal recognition in all weather conditions and at any traffic density.

It is possible to set the boundaries of zones in which the appearance of an animal will be considered a significant event.

Features of the technology

  • Instant recognition

  • Automatic notification

  • Customization of areas allowed for the appearance of animals

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