Fire and smoke detection

Fire and smoke detection

Traditional smoke detectors do not always work on time and accurately. Today, such detectors are being replaced by smart analytics systems.

Solution metrics

  • 95%

    Recognition accuracy

    Accuracy measured on test videos in the daytime

  • Up to 1/day

    False positive

    Number of false positives per day per camera

  • 10 FPS


    Frames per second

  • FullHD

    Video quality

    Recommended video stream quality

Technology Description

The RoadAR video analytics system is a solution that takes fire safety to a new level. The neural networks underlying this solution make it possible to detect fire and smoke with high accuracy and a low number of false positives. The main difficulty for such systems, which do not use expensive thermal sensors, is often the task of distinguishing fire and smoke from headlight glare, fog, smoke from exhaust pipes, and so on. RoadAR uses a set of algorithms designed to minimize the number of false positives and achieve high quality analysis.

RoadAR is a cost effective and efficient solution optimized for today's environments. Accurate recognition and real-time notifications allow you to quickly take action when fire and smoke are detected and minimize damage.

  • Accurate differentiation with a minimum of false positives.
  • Refusal to use thermal sensors and efficiency of the entire system.

Features of the technology

  • Fire and smoke detection

  • The difference between fire hazardous smoke and visually similar phenomena

  • Instant alert

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